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Bradley Suedekum (Class of 2014) featured in video about the Center for Wooden Boats!

Check out this video about The Center for Wooden Boats in Seattle. It features their Lead Boatwright Bradley Suedekum (Class of 2014)! Bradley was always interested in the history of wooden boats and he had a strong wish to work on boats that were of historical value. He stated at one point that his dream job would be working…

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Hear our instructors on video!

As a team our instructors share a devotion to the highest levels of craftsmanship. They are inspiring professionals with years of wooden boat building experience before becoming teachers. This experience helps them successfully guide students in their personal career goals and aspirations. You can see and hear our boat building instructors on video by clicking on the following Youtube…

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Planking the Batela!

The Batela is a traditional Venetian boat, that is, developed in the Italian city of Venice. It is a flat-bottomed boat with a slight degree of rocker (meaning, the bottom is curved from bow to stern) to make it easier to row and control. Rowed standing up, it is essentially a cargo carrier or ferry. The Traditional Small Craft…

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Caulking the seams

Student Noah Sturdy demonstrates how to caulk a boat seam. Wikipedia: “Traditional caulking (also spelled calking) on wooden vessels uses fibers of cotton and oakum (hemp fiber soaked in pine tar). These fibers are driven into the wedge-shaped seam between planks, with a caulking mallet and a broad chisel-like tool called a caulking iron.The caulking is then covered over…

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Turning the Drascombe Longboat

Instructor Bruce Blatchley’s class turns their Drascombe Longboat. Students are Rw Barrett, Eric Kay, John Sandoval and Chuck Garrett. Nice work guys! This boat is being built for a youth boating program led by the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) in Baja, Mexico. They currently have a fiberglass fleet of Drascombes. This wooden one should be lighter, stiffer and…

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