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Summer Launchings

Boat School Launches Three New Student-Built Boats A Marsh Cat, carbon fiber dinghy, and Culler sailing skiff all hit the water. On Friday July 21st students at the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding launched multiple student-built boats demonstrating a variety of construction techniques they have learned.   The Marsh Cat is a 15’ cat boat designed by Joel White that…

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Planking the Batela!

The Batela is a traditional Venetian boat, that is, developed in the Italian city of Venice. It is a flat-bottomed boat with a slight degree of rocker (meaning, the bottom is curved from bow to stern) to make it easier to row and control. Rowed standing up, it is essentially a cargo carrier or ferry. The Traditional Small Craft…

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Turning the Drascombe Longboat

Instructor Bruce Blatchley’s class turns their Drascombe Longboat. Students are Rw Barrett, Eric Kay, John Sandoval and Chuck Garrett. Nice work guys! This boat is being built for a youth boating program led by the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) in Baja, Mexico. They currently have a fiberglass fleet of Drascombes. This wooden one should be lighter, stiffer and…

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Sea Trials for the Light McKenzie River Boat!

The Light McKenzie River Boat, as it is traditionally known, is described in detail in Roger Fletcher’s book “Drift Boats and River Dories”, published by Stackpole Books in 2007. The book’s ISBN is 0-8117-0234-0 . Roger Flectcher’s website is . The McKenzie river flows west out of the Cascades Mountains in central Oregon and terminates north of Eugene…

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Working on the BBC Whitehall (Chopping off bungs)

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) asked the Boat School to build three traditionally-built Whitehalls as replicas of the boats used by John Wesley Powell and his group of explorers during their first-ever descent of the Colorado River in 1869. The BBC will film a reenactment of the voyage later in 2013. The School is building one 16-foot Whitehall, the…

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Sid Skiff on the water!

This 13′ Sid Skiff was built by the 2011-12 and 2012-13 Traditional Small Craft students. A dream to sail and row, this boat is extremely fun and maneuverable – perfect boat for beginners and expert sailors. Built of cedar on oak frames, she is light and strong. (This particular boat has sold.) “I’ll Calm the Ocean” by Morgan O’Kane….

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The Two Loves of Francis Lee

by Kurt Hoehne January 31, 2014 The Francis Lee story is part love of craft and part love of sailing. The combination is simply the best of sailing and a showcase for the Pacific Northwest’s boatbuilding skills. (see complete list at end of article of those who contributed) Love of Craft It’s hard to find someone with greater love…

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