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Misha Bogart

Hands down the most educational I’ve done in my life. It’s led to great things. It definitely made me competitive in the workforce.

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Ginny Wilson

Happiness comes from solving problems and boatbuilding is problem solving. The amount of confidence I built was transformational.

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Logan Sampson

I could not have asked for a more fulfilling year and a half at the School. As a student, and then as the Prothero Intern, I learned from incredibly talented instructors and gained a solid foundation of skills.

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David Klco

Wooden boatbuilding is challenging and mysterious because you can’t just follow a plan. You have to trust your eye and ability to judge whether something’s going to fit or what needs to happen to make it fit. I see it as becoming fluent in making things and learning how to trust your own judgement and aesthetic opinion.

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Tucker Piontek

Boat School gave me the skills, approach, and practical knowledge in one year that many aspiring craftspeople take decades to gain. I left Boat School with great confidence in my abilities to build, solve problems, and produce at a quality that carries on a tradition of woodworking.

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